Thursday, February 16, 2006


It isn't about which blog we are on, its about respecting each other and fighting the good fight against the repubs, for the ideals that we believe in.

I think some on the DNC blog are hurt by others leaving. But, I think the reason some of us left is frustration with The Party, not with each other. We've been through too much together.


Posted by Cyn_NY on February 16, 2006 at 02:30 PM

we are all on the same side here. the only people that i am angry at are those in power, not my fellow bloggers. i'm sorry if some other people are feeling the need to choose sides. that is not what i wanted. i wanted to keep people together, and not lose the people who were feeling uncomfortable at the DNC blog.

Posted by jen on February 16, 2006 at 02:33 PM

I set up this alternative space yesterday for EVERYONE who blogs at the DNC! I put the link up and I gave my email address on the open thread so that if someone needed a break because they were pissed at the powers that be in control of the blog/the dnc/whoever, they'd have a place to go so they wouldn't have to be alone. I was afraid of losing touch with some of my glbt friends and others who had had enough. I didn't want to create a big drama.

Some people, I had their email addresses already, so I emailed them. I posted on the open thread that if you didn't get an email, to email me, so that I could include EVERY poster. Those that weren't interested, that was fine. Those that were, that was fine. It was NOT a line in the sand, or a way to exclude ANYONE. I'm not about that. and if some people took it as choosing sides, they are wrong.

Please, let us not fight amongst ourselves. Let us put our energy into fighting the real enemy, those that don't love the constitution and that don't love their fellow man.

This is the alternate space i created. Each person their speaks for themselves ONLY. EVERYONE is welcome. If someone has a personal problem with another blogger, please take it off blog if possible.



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