Monday, April 17, 2006

Hey YOU GUYSSSSS!!! Deb's Hot Spot! Let's Go!

Anyone interested? If so, let us know and when? If not, why? Broke, busy? Jest wonderin'

I live in Hot Springs, NC. Would be glad to pick anyone up at the airport in Asheville. We are renting a small place, but there are cabin rentals and a few hotel rooms in and around town. I have an extra full bed and 2 twins at the place I rent, but only one bath...glad to share but privacy would be lacking. The town is tiny, not even a traffic light. The Appalachian Trail goes right through the town, as does the French Broad River (one of the oldest rivers on earth). The spa is sort of a 60's type experience with hot tubs filled with natural warm mineral spring water. They rent for $25. an hour and are freshly cleaned and filled for each customer. Hope I've enticed some of y'all to come for a visit. deb


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