Friday, February 17, 2006

What Dean Says in Private

I believe it was mentioned here or perhaps somewhere else about Pam's House Blend covering the notable absence of GLBT issues from the DNC core issues and how this is a trend of apparent concern.

I saw this in the thread of discussion and wanted to pull it out. Don't know if it's the truth, but if it is, DAMN!!!!

I attended a house meeting last mkinth in SF hosted by a big gay Dem fundraiser/activist couple. At the event, Dean was told by a lesbian activist that she was "ready to walk" if The Dems didn't start to stand up for GLBT Americans and their concerns. His response? He told her/all of us that GLBT Dems are going to have to "give Dem candidates a break in upcoming electios" by "not asking them to take positions on our issues". He then said he would really "go after" any Dem candidate that took antigay policy positions and "kick their asses *in private*" (emphasis mine). I could not fucking believe it. Message to gay Dems: we'll be glad to fuck yer lights out on Friday nioght behind the screen at the drive in but don't expect us to know you in the halls at school come Monday morning. Sure, we want your money and votes and talent. We just don't want YOU. Fucking pathetic party. Hypocrite bigot leader. And oh yeah, he had some patronizing advice for those SF Dems: we should "come out everywhere so that more people know that they know gays". Talk about condescending and patronizing. Thanks, Howard. You can syop channelling Harvey Milk now. And, uh, *we* already are out. When are you and the Dems going to join us?

I said that I've been getting the sneaking suspicion that we (the GLBTs) are being told to shut up and sit in the back of the bus, but if this is true, it confirms my suspicions and reiterates what is the core problem with the Democratic Party today.

I don't want to just bitch about it. I do want solutions. What can be done about this? Some people on the thread had the idea of sending responses to every fundraiser they get that said "Not one DAMN cent until the DNC supports civil rights for gay Americans." That would make a helluva campaign.

My two cents...just sayin'.


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