Wednesday, February 15, 2006

When is a Dem not a Dem?

I'll make my confession here, rather than on the Dems blog: I'm not a Democrat. Or rather, I'm an Independent who NEVER votes Republican but is very sad about the status quo/elitist failures in Congress, both the disgusting Pugs and those who call themselves Democrats but sure as shite don't act like Democrats. I pull the lever for Dems, but at least at the national level that's getting harder to do. Wish we had a viable third party. . . sigh.

My best friend Laura has become even more cynical than I this past year, as scandal after corruption after illegal act follows and the Democrats, rather than truly standing up for, I dunno, truth, justice, the American way, roll over or self-destruct. Laura believes it must be purposeful, and that the Dems in Congress are actually in cahoots with the Pugs. Why else can they not speak with one voice to denounce Iraq as an immoral war that has weakened America?



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