Saturday, February 18, 2006

What IF?

(Editor's Note: I just read the beautiful post (here) of another soldier who was lied to and betrayed and sent off to war under false pretenses only to survive the ugliness and grace us with his presence.)

WHAT IF: (?)

--This new gathering place we have created for ourselves becomes the hybrid seed of a new generation that will ignore the politics that is "the quid pro quo" and become the "Independant" party that can raise funds and get like minded thinkers elected to positions of power like Jesse "The Body" Ventura and Senator Jeffords.

They were both elected without the (D) or the (R) behind their names on the ballot.

I would be saying this as satire or parody except I was the second person to join on the first day and was like, "Okay, I will check it out!"

What a pleasant surprise to see it quadruple in 24 hours.


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