Friday, February 24, 2006

Who will speak?

(Posted 3:50 PM)

Commentary by Frank Pitz

Who will speak for the generations to come? Who shall act for those yet to be born? All I hear is silence. All I see is nothingness. No, let me rephrase that, I do see something; I do hear something.

What I hear are the rantings of a maniacal egotist, mouthing the regurgitated words of his Nazi masters. What I see are the jackboots of repression marching swiftly over the land, led by corporate fascists with a sword in one hand and the power of the press in the other.

Will they speak or act for the future generations? How can they when they care not one damn bit for the future? For the fascist, there is no future -- only the present. For the totalitarian, there is no future, there is only now, fueled by the aphrodisiac of unrestrained power.

The oppressor-to-be always speaks to the future (in terms of establishing thousand year Reichs), but the dictator never sees beyond the here, and now. If the corporate fascist does give thought to the future it is solely in the short term, i.e., ensuring there are enough young men and women to serve as cannon fodder for the endless war machine.

Look around you, Amerika, tell me what you see? Do you see a future bright with promise, or rather an imminent disaster?

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Here's My Babies!

Okay, I'll add my pictures this way! I KNOW how to do this! I am semi-technically competent. :)

This is Clyde, Hamlet, and Munchie.

I don't have a picture of my BooMan (Blue) on this computer so I'll have to load one later! I'm sure ya'll survive. For those who don't have pets, it's like being a parent. This is our version of whipping out the wallet and showing off our pictures of our babies.


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