Sunday, February 26, 2006


Vice President Dick "Buckshot" Cheney kept his word to the inmates at California's maximum security Folsom State Prison. He played a one hour set with his band "Dickie and The Trigger Happy Birdie Killers". The set received a luke warm reception until Cheney launched into his new, as yet unreleased, single "Go Fuck Yourself". During the guitar solo the Vice President thrilled the assembled audience by producing a rifle and opening fire. "He seems angry. Very angry" one inmate said "I mean, I always thought that the American people didn't like to vote for angry people but...Man, that dude is angry!" I managed to obtain a tape of the performance and am proud to present it.... here:

Sorry, I can't get the link to work. Copy and paste - I assure you it's worth it

Zack Space takes on Ney

And the AP pays no attention

Let's help make the media pay attention to this good Democratic candidate by contacting the following:

Al Franken

Majority Report

Rachel Maddow

Comments on Ed Schultz show content:

Ed Schultz's producer:

Stephanie Miller

Your help would be greatly appreciated by Ohio! Remember, if you help Ohio, you also really help Dems nationally!


Did I do this correctly? Hello to everyone.

Bomb Explosions Kill Two GIs, 3 Iraqis

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A bomb exploded Sunday at a crowded bus station south of Baghdad, killing at least two people and injuring four, police said. Two U.S. soldiers and an Iraqi police officer were killed in other explosions.

Semper Fi


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