Friday, February 17, 2006

The Notorious VP - Get Quail or Die Tryin'

Sneak peek from Real Time Must see!

Once more, with feeling

That was an entertaining couple of minutes - Barbi and I simultaneously created an open thread, saw each other's, and then deleted our own. Great minds.... Anyway, let's try this again:

Two Marine Helicopters down!

My heart and good wishes go out to the 12 marines that went down over the horn of Africa just now. :-((

CNN announcing it. I am heartbroken at the continued deaths of our good soldiers and marines! I pray for them and their families.

Did you hear what Bush said today?

Bush today:

I knew we were at war when they attacked us. As a matter of fact, I was down here in Florida. It didn’t take long to figure out what was going on.

Just way too funny

Hope still in the air on NSA scandal

From Unclaimed Territory Feb 17

The Long Hard Slog

There are lots of people who appear to be morbidly depressed -- to the point of conceding defeat -- as a result of yesterday’s unilateral obstruction by the incomparable White House shill Sen. Pat Roberts of the long-planned and long-promised investigation into the operational aspects of the NSA program by the Senate Intelligence Committee. That defeatist reaction and the borderline-self-pitying sentiments which accompany it are, for literally countless reasons, completely unwarranted.

Glenn Greenwald

This is a favorite blog of mine and if you are feeling discouraged about the shooting down of the NSA hearings by Pat Roberts , this is a great read. Please also read Glenn's credentials.

Science slowly explaining evolution detail

Science slowly explaining evolution detail
CHICAGO, Feb. 13 (UPI) --

Scientists say they are starting to understand the details of evolution and, in doing so, they're solving the riddles on which intelligent design is based.

Intelligent design posits Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is wrong; life is so complex only an intelligent entity, God, could have produced it.

Although scientific research is not conducted as a response to intelligent design, it is unraveling the very riddles that ID proponents say could not be solved, The Chicago Tribune reported Monday.

Most scientists reject intelligent design, claiming it's a religious proposal not grounded in scientific observation. ID adherents, counter by arguing many tiny mechanisms, such as the tails of sperm and blood clotting, are so elaborate they must have been purposely designed.

Yet scientists are now using new genome data to discover how fish evolved the ability to clot blood, the Tribune said. And even the once-mysterious sperm's tail now appears related to other cell parts.

"Once you take apart any system in the cell, you find it's incredibly complex," Joel Rosenbaum, a professor at Yale University, told the newspaper. "But that complexity is (now) falling to experiment."

Can we hear a big WOOHOO?!!

Friday Open Thread

As it says on a sign at the House of Blues, be nice or leave. I would add the caveat, to each other. ;) Be as mean as snakes to Bushco, etc. if you wish.


GLBT Outreach

DNC responds to criticism from gay community-

Washington, DC - (Feb. 16) -- This week marks the one year anniversary of Howard Dean taking the helm of the Democratic National Committee. Under Dean's leadership, the DNC has dramatically expanded and improved its outreach to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities across America. Today, Dean issued the following statement on the progress of those efforts:

"In the past year, the DNC has made tremendous progress in expanding and improving outreach to our friends and family in the LGBT community. I am proud to say that, because of the organizational reforms implemented when I became Chairman, we have dramatically increased the resources brought to bear in our LGBT messaging, organizing, and outreach efforts. Under the leadership of the American Majority Partnership, our Party is moving into a new era in reaching out to our closest allies.

"The Democratic Party has never been more committed to protecting equal rights for the LGBT community. We are standing strong with the community, fighting the Republican Party's repugnant efforts to exploit the politics of fear and division and scapegoat LGBT families for electoral gain. I am proud to lead a Party that will never resort to such shameful tactics. As long as I am chairman, this Party will always help provide the LGBT community every opportunity to live the American Dream."

[Link found at: Raw Story]

What Dean Says in Private

I believe it was mentioned here or perhaps somewhere else about Pam's House Blend covering the notable absence of GLBT issues from the DNC core issues and how this is a trend of apparent concern.

I saw this in the thread of discussion and wanted to pull it out. Don't know if it's the truth, but if it is, DAMN!!!!

I attended a house meeting last mkinth in SF hosted by a big gay Dem fundraiser/activist couple. At the event, Dean was told by a lesbian activist that she was "ready to walk" if The Dems didn't start to stand up for GLBT Americans and their concerns. His response? He told her/all of us that GLBT Dems are going to have to "give Dem candidates a break in upcoming electios" by "not asking them to take positions on our issues". He then said he would really "go after" any Dem candidate that took antigay policy positions and "kick their asses *in private*" (emphasis mine). I could not fucking believe it. Message to gay Dems: we'll be glad to fuck yer lights out on Friday nioght behind the screen at the drive in but don't expect us to know you in the halls at school come Monday morning. Sure, we want your money and votes and talent. We just don't want YOU. Fucking pathetic party. Hypocrite bigot leader. And oh yeah, he had some patronizing advice for those SF Dems: we should "come out everywhere so that more people know that they know gays". Talk about condescending and patronizing. Thanks, Howard. You can syop channelling Harvey Milk now. And, uh, *we* already are out. When are you and the Dems going to join us?

I said that I've been getting the sneaking suspicion that we (the GLBTs) are being told to shut up and sit in the back of the bus, but if this is true, it confirms my suspicions and reiterates what is the core problem with the Democratic Party today.

I don't want to just bitch about it. I do want solutions. What can be done about this? Some people on the thread had the idea of sending responses to every fundraiser they get that said "Not one DAMN cent until the DNC supports civil rights for gay Americans." That would make a helluva campaign.

My two cents...just sayin'.

New Overnight Olympic OPEN Thread--

Come on! You know you watched the Games and were a little disappointed in the results.

Can also be used for Friday morning. I will bring the bagels and grits. LOL!


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