Monday, April 17, 2006

Hey YOU GUYSSSSS!!! Deb's Hot Spot! Let's Go!

Anyone interested? If so, let us know and when? If not, why? Broke, busy? Jest wonderin'

I live in Hot Springs, NC. Would be glad to pick anyone up at the airport in Asheville. We are renting a small place, but there are cabin rentals and a few hotel rooms in and around town. I have an extra full bed and 2 twins at the place I rent, but only one bath...glad to share but privacy would be lacking. The town is tiny, not even a traffic light. The Appalachian Trail goes right through the town, as does the French Broad River (one of the oldest rivers on earth). The spa is sort of a 60's type experience with hot tubs filled with natural warm mineral spring water. They rent for $25. an hour and are freshly cleaned and filled for each customer. Hope I've enticed some of y'all to come for a visit. deb

Life During Wartime

[Sung by Billie Joe Armstrong]
[Originally by Pinhead Gunpowder]

Ya we say making changes starts in the little things you do
Revolution begins at home but for most of us it ends there too, and
Doing something we're making changes like changing the brand of crap we buy,
We say it makes a difference but that's just another lie.
It used to be us and them and you and me.
And now we can't reach our potential without a common enemy,
A real war to fight against, instead of our petty disagreements,
How can I rationalize my life during wartime lie.
A call to action and a reaction,
Taking our lives in our own hands,
Instead of sitting around and talking about the same old shity bands.
A war is going on right now,
And I'm not doing anything about it,
Without a crowd I'm not so loud,
I can't do anything by myself,
But that's just another lie.


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